Please see the attached morning bus route times for all bus riders.  Remember: You MUST have your pink sheet completed and signed by a guardian to enter the school building!


Consulte los horarios adjuntos de la ruta del autobús matutino para todos los 
pasajeros. Recuerde: ¡DEBE tener su hoja rosa completa y firmada por un tutor
para ingresar al edificio de la escuela!

Depue Oakbrook Am

Driver:______________________________________________ Bus 

7:05 am                                               Bus lot Peru

7:30 am                                               DEPUE SCHOOL PICK UP                                                                                     PARAPROFESSIONAL

7:35 am                                               26509 1282 Ave N

7:40 am                                               3110 Arlington Dr

7:41 am                                               Arlington Dr and Cardiff Dr (normally no                                                                  one here)

7:42 am                                               3132 Alington Dr (cul de sac)

7:43 am                                               Benton Circle Dr and Bedford Dr (top of                                                                  Hill)

7:46 am                                               Rear of trailer court across from office 

7:47 am                                               across from lot 55 by the tree

7:50 am                                               457 East St (red house on right)

7:52 am                                               825 East st. 

7:54 am                                               656 East St. 

7:56 am                                               East st and Willow St

8:02 am                                               Depue School

Depue White City Am

Driver:______________________________________________ Bus 88

7:30 am                                               Bus lot Peru

7:40 am                                               DEPUE SCHOOL PICK UP                                                                                       PARAPROFESSIONAL

7:45 am                                               1st house on the left

7:47 am                                               Marquette St and Lincoln Ave

7:48 am                                               Marquette St and Western Ave

7:49 am                                               Marquette St and Mason St

7:51am                                                Delia and Broadway

7:52 am                                               Delia St and Mason St

7:54 am                                               St Paul St and Vine St

7:55 am                                               1305 St Paul St

8:00 am                                               DePue School (1st set of doors)

8:17 am                                               Bus lot Peru